Our Covenant

Covenant of the Old Cambridge Baptist Church

Gathered as people of God

            who would live the faith we profess,

            we covenant:

To become a community

            enabling each other to realize the new life

            God intends for all people,

            and expressing the power of God to unite people

            across all social and religious barriers;

To worship together praising God

            and celebrating God’s forgiveness and love,

            which sustains us in God’s service.

To equip ourselves and our children for mission,

            bringing together Biblical insights

and the realities of the contemporary world

through a rhythm of study and action;

To apply responsibly our abilities and resources

            within society and the church,

            living in the tension between individual convictions

and the discipline of this community;

            To go into every are of the world’s life,

                        there to enter into the work of God….

Mass Shooting Cross

Let us explain what we mean…
This cross[1] is an evolving witness to the lives lost in 2018 due to MASS SHOOTINGS[2] in the U.S.


It is our sign of PROTEST against the

love of MONEY and GUNS being

valued over human LIVES.[3]

This death-dealing evil must end.

Resurrection of PEACE and JUSTICE must persist.[4]


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[1] The cross in the First Century was a tool of execution and symbol of the death-dealing politics of the Roman Empire. Early Christians reclaimed this symbol of violence as a sign of resurrection – life’s defiant resilience defeating the powers of death. The movement that took shape beneath this symbol outlived the Empire.

[2] Defined as four or more shot and/or killed in a single event, at the same general time and location, not including the shooter (see shootingtracker.com). Each metal placard is hand stamped with the location and number dead for each mass shooting in 2018. New placards added monthly.

[3] Liberation theologian John Sobrino says, “People do not want to acknowledge or face up to the reality of a crucified world, and even less do we want to ask ourselves what is our share of responsibility for such a world” (The Principle of Mercy: Taking the Crucified People from the Cross, Maryknoll, NY: Orbis, 1995, p. 5). In the same way we witness and work as a congregation in the face of other crucifixions – whether systemic racial injustice or the degradation of the environment – the Mass Shootings Cross will live for a time as an evolving witness to those in our country being crucified by our empire’s love of money, guns, and power over the lives of human beings – even our nation’s children.

[4] The cross asks all passersby to consider our own responsibly for such a world. This cross will be a constant reminder to people from all over the country who visit Harvard Square that the horrors and loss of life from mass shootings outlive our short attention spans, subverting the tendency for the horror of a shooting to live in our consciousness only as long as it remains in the news cycle, prompting us to continually consider how we will work to end this violent evil.


Job Title:  Sunday School Teacher / Christian Education Coordinator

Location:  Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

Time commitment: Sunday mornings 10:15 to 12:15pm, plus preparation and occasional Christian Education Team meetings.

Compensation: $16-20/hr, based off experience, maximum of 4hrs per week

Liberal/Progressive Church is seeking Christian Education Staff

One paid Sunday School Teacher is needed for bright, energetic small groups of toddler/pre-K and elementary school age children at Old Cambridge Baptist Church (OCBC) in Harvard Square, Cambridge. Currently, children who attend OCBC are ages 5-8. We are looking for a progressive Christian who is comfortable leading prayer/short worship experiences as well as reading and teaching Bible stories. The paid teacher will coordinate with and have assistance from OCBC adult volunteers on Sunday mornings, but will be responsible for preparation and primary facilitation of the class. OCBC is deeply involved in the ministries of social justice, community building, spiritual life, and the arts. We are a small diverse and welcoming community actively advocating for the civil and ecclesiastical rights of all God's people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual or affectional orientation. Our children are bright and loving, and will bless whoever works with them. We are using a well-designed Bible focused multi-age curriculum that has good leader's materials.

The position will be supervised by the chair of the Christian Education Committee. The positions can qualify for Harvard Divinity School Field Experience Program, and if applicable, would be jointly supervised by Rev. Dr. Cody J. Sanders (who is a certified Harvard Field Education Supervisor).

For more information, contact Kevin Henze, Christian Education Chair, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or send applications containing resume and cover letter addressing your interest and philosophy of teaching to CE Search, Old Cambridge Baptist Church, 1151 Mass. Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138. Applications should include prior experience in working with children, teaching experience, and/or church school experience or church affiliations. Please note that applicants will be subject to a background CORI check. Position begins April 1, 2018 or until filled.

January 8, 2017

All Services and Programs at OCBC are Canceled Due to Weather on Sunday, January 8

Please stay safe and warm and we'll see you next Sunday for Worship and Adult Forum.

Bible Study

Contemplative Action Circles on Dismantling White Supremacy

Six Weeks, Thursdays October 5 through November 9 from 6:30-8:30pm

The OCBC Contemplative Action Circles offer small groups of participants an intimate setting to pray, reflect, and learn from each other about racism in our lives. They build on the racial justice and education work the congregation did last year, but participation in last year’s activities is not necessary. Because we hope these circles will allow each of us to deepen our understanding of racism and our ability to confront it, we encourage you to commit to attending all six sessions of their group, though it is not a requirement.

Each Circle will be structured as follows:


Shared Meal, 6:30-7:00

This is an important time for fellowship to be organized by each Circle.


Contemplative Time, 7:00-7:15

Each session will begin with a careful reading of a short passage from a variety of possible sources, such as the Bible, other faith traditions, and readings related to race. This will be followed by a few quiet moments of prayer and meditation.


Storytelling & Resonance, 7:15-7:30

Group members will take turns presenting something for the group to reflect on and discuss. This might be a discussion of the passage, a personal experience related to race and their feelings about it, a question they have for the group, or a challenge they have been grappling with. This is followed by a period of active listening. The first session will be a time of organizing the Circle, discussing how the group wants to use its time, signing up for times to bring the meal and/or lead the story.


Discussion, 8:00-8:25

Time for discussing the story told, role playing ways to handle the situation, or other related activities.


Closing prayer, 8:25-8:30


Please sign up to attend one of the three available Circles by e-mailing the facilitator:

Circle 1           Old Cambridge Baptist Church Chapel, Led by Cody Sanders and Naro Pongen

                        Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Circle 2           Leslie Hergert’s home, 9 Saint James Ave, Somerville, Led by Leslie Hergert

                        Between Harvard and Porter Squares, short walk from Porter or                                                                       Davis T stations. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Circle 3           Maureen Power & Doug Koch’s home, 11 Holmes St., Cambridge, Led by Maureen and Doug. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.