The Rev. Betsy J. Sowers – Minister for Earth Justice

SowersBetsy represents OCBC outside the church through involvement in both faith-based and secular climate justice organizations and actions. These range from fossil fuel divestment, to energy policy at the State House and Federal level, to working with opponents of new fracked gas infrastructure in the Commonwealth.

Inside the church, Betsy serves as a resource person to our Pastor and Teams to help interpret the climate crisis and sustainability issues within of a context of worship, prayer, education and action, both personal and public. She also helps members and friends of the congregation connect the dots between Earth justice and the other justice concerns that are intimately intertwined with it, especially racial, economic, gender, and immigration/refugee justice, and the possibility of just peace and redemptive community in a climate-stressed world.

Betsy came to her lifelong call to peace and justice ministry via her first post-college job as a flight attendant for Pan American World Airways, which gave her the gift of global awareness and brought her to Cambridge, where she found OCBC, a congregation that confirmed and encouraged her call. After earning an MSW at Boston College Graduate School of Social Work, and the M.Div. at Harvard Divinity School, she was called as a staff person, and later Director in The Department of Church and Society of The American Baptist Churches of Massachusetts, serving as educator and advocate on peace and justice matters to Baptist churches in the Commonwealth. She also served the Massachusetts Council of Churches as Adjunct Associate Director. A clear call out of retirement to climate justice service has both surprised and energized her for another chapter of activist ministry.


Seminarians-in-Residence are Boston-area seminary and theology students who have chosen to make OCBC their home congregation. This program recognizes their unique role in the congregation as ministers-in-training and developing theologians, and affords them the collaborative opportunity to connect academic study, theological reflection, and ministerial praxis in a congregational context.

Josh Gregory - Seminarian-in-Residence

Josh GregoryBorn and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Josh majored in religious studies and minored in both hermeneutics and poetry at Swarthmore College where he graduated in 2015 with High Honors before enrolling at Harvard Divinity School as an M.Div candidate. Having rediscovered his Baptist roots at Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Josh works to cultivate a ministry that, like OCBC itself, attests not only to the vibrancy and plurality of the Baptist tradition but, through creativity and collaboration, can disrupt the expectations of conventional Christian worship.



Louisa Fish-Sadin - Seminarian-in-Residence

LouisaLouisa Fish-Sadin is an educator, dance artist, and middle-school teacher from Seattle, WA.  A third-year candidate for the Master of Divinity at Harvard Divinity School, Louisa has focused her final year of study around the intersection of education, religion, and meaning-making in an era of rapid climate change. Claiming both Catholic and Protestant heritage, Louisa meets God in liturgy, in preaching, in sacrament, and in nature. She holds a certificate in Outdoor Environmental Education from the Islandwood Graduate Residency and a Bachelor of Arts in Social Justice and Cultural Transformation from St. Olaf College.