For Our Common Home - Resounding Ecojustice

a new oratorio based on Laudato Si’

Music and libretto composed by Linda J. Chase

This new cross-genre oratorio for choir, soloists and chamber orchestra, was inspired by Laudato Si’ an encyclical issued by Pope Francis calling on humanity to acknowledge the urgency of the environmental crisis and work toward building a just and sustainable world. Chase interprets the text as a call to action through music, drawing from sacred, classical, jazz, gospel and klezmer musical traditions. The oratorio was composed in collaboration with Reverend Dr. Harvey Cox, who provided guidance with the text.

The webpage is now available!

For Our Common Home – Resounding EcoJustice was recorded (at WGBH) and performed (at OCBC) thanks to the generosity of many people at OCBC. Please enjoy this webpage which includes many movements from the oratorio. The CDs are in production and should be out in early June. Reach out to me if you want one!

Hope you enjoy!

In gratitude,

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