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Adbar Women’s Alliance

In 1994 Adbar Ethiopian Women’s Alliance was officially launched, as the first female-headed, and the only Ethiopian women's organization in Massachusetts, with a focus on personal, social, economic and cultural growth of women and girls.

Big Skinny

World's Thinnest Wallets

Our ultra-slim Wallet designs solve the top 5 wallet problems. Our Big Skinny wallets are ultra-thin, flat, and small because we use our proprietary ultra-thin (but sturdy) nylon micro-fiber wallet material.

José Matteo Ballett Theatre

Discover the Magic!

José Mateo Ballet Theatre is a nonprofit professional performance company and school.

Moving Up (Solutions at Work)

Working together to end homelessness

Moving Up provides quality, affordable moving services to homeless and low-income families and individuals living in Eastern Massachusetts. We pick up and transport items from emergency shelters, hotels, private homes, storage facilities and furniture banks.

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force

We are the uncompromising national voice for full LGBT equality.

Spare Change News

Spare Change News and the Homeless Empowerment Project's mission is to show, by our own example, that homeless and economically disadvantaged people are, with the proper resources, empowerment, opportunitites, and encouragement, capable of creating change in society for ourselves.

Zentury Web Design

Helping Small Businesses Make a Big Impact

Zentury Web Design is a full service web design and development company.